honolulu modern residence with PLD landscape architect features oahu hawaii landscape architects design for resort cabana area landscape architect hawaii golf course 12th fairway more resort cabana area foliage and hardscapes residential hot tub and decking design by PLD landscape architects for residential client in Honolulu Hawaii waterfall hardscape by PLD architects hot tub foliage with secluded landscape designed by Pacific Land Design architects including vista of Pearl Harbor entertainment area with outdoor wet bar, lush plant life laid out for entertaining by PLD lap pool and surrounding landscaping architected by PLD to accent the formal pool setting residential garden area on large Oahu plantation with architectural landscape features by Pacific Land Design

Creative Thinking, Dramatic  Results

Landscape Architects Hawaii Style

Pacific Land Design (PLD) are landscape architects, Hawaii inspired and Hawaii based creating dramatic landscapes that blend into and enhance the natural and built world. We use creative design and key placement of landscape and hardscape elements i.e. wood, stone, fire, water, as well as, man-made elements. Our most important talent is our creative thinking which enables us to work outside of the box and inside of the budget to create stunning environments. We are most excited when we can work collaboratively with our clients to explore ideas, test concepts, and investigate unusual materials to achieve a unique and exciting feel to a project.

Residential, Commercial, and Golf Course Landscape Architects

Hawaii PLD is a talented landscape architecture, planning, and golf course architecture firm working from Honolulu and Los Angeles. Our creativity has been applied across the Pacific Rim, Southeast Asia, Asia and the US main land for the past 35 years. We deliberately keep our core team small so that we can leverage strategic partnerships with architects, designers, craftsmen and artisans. Bringing in the right talent at the right time helps us create a unique creative edge that has delighted our clients for years. The depth of talent available to us means we can do things others cannot, while still keeping overhead managed and in control.

Well Known, National Reputation

Our work has been featured in Hollywood film and television, newspapers and magazines; however, we believe every project we undertake is important. Each new project excites and challenges us to go further, striving to achieve dynamic solutions that exceed our client's expectations, increase their property values and promote inspired living. Owned and operated by Gary Howard, he is pleased to have you view our Landscape architects - Hawaii and Pacific Rim Gallery. We hope you will be as excited by the work we have done, as we are. (Can you tell we love doing this work?)

Hawaii and Los Angeles Landscapes

Specializing in xeriscapes*, tropical, sub-tropical and temperate landscapes with natural and modern motifs, Pacific Land Design maintains offices in Honolulu, Hawaii and Los Angeles, California. Pacific Land Design has created elaborate estate landscape architecture for Hollywood moguls and movie stars alike, but we are just as enthralled with creating little magical gardens that anyone can enjoy. Our services span the gamut from large planning and development projects to multi-acre estates and from tropical ocean breeze resort & championship golf courses, to intimate gathering spots on little more than a postage stamp. No matter the challenge, Gary Howard is a Los Angeles and Hawaii landscape architect who brings magical results to your personal oasis. A specialist landscape architect, Gary loves nothing more than a glass of wine and a creative conversation with a client. If you want to get excited about your project, check out Gary.

*xeriscapes are landscapes designed to minimize the need for supplemental watering, particularly relevant to us Hawaiian landscape architects. Hawaii and especially Oahu's arid climate makes it ripe for these techniques.

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